Traverse City Brews: There are two things we know we love in Northern Michigan—the great outdoors and even better beer. So the obvious, brilliant (or something like it) revolution is uniting them in Traverse City's own MicroBrew Canoe Trail! Our editor Jeff Smith schemed up an afternoon with brew buddy Mr. Bravo and hit the water ways:

"A look of consternation came to Mr. Bravo's face as he grappled with what seemed to be conflicting goals. He furrowed his brow. He stared at me without really seeing me. I could tell something important was going on in his mind. Then he asked the fateful question. 'Can you canoe to any of the microbreweries?'

I thought for a moment. I looked at the ceiling while I considered the lay of the land, the shore of Boardman Lake, the turns of the Boardman River, the Union Street Dam, the bridges, the culverts, the many great and challenging obstacles to such a journey, and I counted. 'Mr. Bravo, in Traverse City, you can canoe to five microbreweries.'"

Visit Jeff's blog now to read on and experience the hilarity of this adventure!