Traverse City Microbrewery: After years of planning and a long trail of paperwork, the much anticipated Brewery Terra Firma has officially broken ground! To celebrate this milestone, the brewery is hosting a Ground Breaking Celebration for media and industry friends on Sunday, October 21st from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at their 10-acre site on the historic Dracka Farm located at 2959 Hartman Road in Traverse City. Brew Master John Niedermaier will be serving limited samples of future Brewery Terra Firma products along with snacks.

Brewery Terra Firma is the first purpose built brewery in Traverse City in over 100 years. Thery will be producing specialty on site for integration into the beer, including hops, grain, fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, maple syrup and honey, which will be produced onsite on the farm’s apiary (bee yard) and aid in the pollination of crops. Those ingredients that cannot be produced onsite will be purchased from local Northern Michigan farmers, or from the nearest possible source. This is in keeping with Brew Master John Niedermaier’s sterling reputation for brewing beer with high-quality ingredients made from scratch rather than extracts, syrups, powders or imitation flavorings.

The brewery will also utilize highly sustainable operational practices such as harvesting excess BTUs from the brewing process to heat the facility while using the clean process water and spent grain for composting and fertigation of crops (the application of fertilizer/recycled nutrients through an irrigation system).

The goal of Brewery Terra Firma is to brew the best beer possible, and to respect Northern Michigan land, the community, their patrons and their employees while doing so. Through the integration of sustainable production methods, environmentally conscious waste management and innovative water recycling/reclamation techniques, Brewery Terra Firma hopes to become a model for breweries and agricultural destinations throughout the Grand Traverse Region and the nation.

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