Parmesan olive herb … sesame whole wheat … village rye … cranberry pecan … Pleasanton Brick Oven Bakery, located at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City, knows how to bake their bread. Utilizing a wood-fired brick oven and mists of water for steamy bakes, Pleasanton handcrafts and bakes breads to golden perfection, encased in the perfect crust.

Pleasanton Bakery has been a favorite of Northern Michigan and Traverse City locals since opening in 1993 with the intention of bringing back wholesome breads to the public. They were even voted in the top three of the Northern Michigan Red Hot Best Contest in the “Bread You Nibble Before You Get Home” category.

Now, Pleasanton’s reputation has spread nationally, after being recognized in’s “America’s Best Bread Bakeries” article by Anna Watson Carl. Here’s why they think Pleasanton Brick Oven Bakery is one of the best:

“Gerard Grabowski and Jan Shireman take a locavore approach to bread baking, using organic Michigan grains (spelt, kamut, barley and rye) and fruit (cherries and cranberries) for their beloved wood-fired loaves. The duo are also passionate advocates of natural leavening: They’ve been feeding the same mother starter that generates their breads for 20 years.”

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