Northern Michigan Wineries: Good Harbor Vineyards, a Northern Michigan winery located on the Leelanau Peninsula, has added a line extension to its current wine production. Referred to as the Small Batch Series, the new line contains a Dry Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Grüner Veltliner. The wines will be sold primarily in the tasting room, with a few cases released to restaurateurs.

The series has been crafted to emulate classic German and Austrian style wines; dry, delicate, and structured with great acidity. Riesling, the most well-known variety, has grown on the Leelanau Peninsula for over thirty years and as a result has become an iconic variety for Northern Michigan. Gewürztraminer has increased in popularity amongst growers but continues to be scarce in production in relation to other types of vinifera grown on the peninsula. Grüner Veltliner, being the least familiar variety to consumers, has producers excited at the prospect of finding another variety to showcase the depth of agricultural and varietal diversity Northern Michigan has to offer.

Sam Simpson, viticulturalist and wine maker at Good Harbor Vineyards comments about the Small Batch Series, “It has been a wonderful experience working with these new small batch products. I have the freedom to be more creative and artistic with these new wines. It is always a pleasure to create new products that are interesting and well received by wine consumers.”

The Simpson family has been growing fruit on the Leelanau Peninsula for over fifty years, with an increased focus on wine grapes over the last thirty-two years. Established in 1980, Good Harbor was the fourth Northern Michigan winery to open on the Leelanau Peninsula. Through the efforts of Bruce Simpson, the founder, winemaker, and late owner of Good Harbor Vineyards, in conjunction with many other area farmers, growers have been able to refine which grape varieties thrive in the region.

“Being able to narrow our focus and grow specific varieties that are suited for our climate and growing season has dramatically helped improve the overall quality of wine from the Leelanau Peninsula. As the vineyards continue to age, and the growing season lengthens, the wines being produced will most likely be better with each passing vintage," says Sam Simpson, a third generation fruit farmer and second generation vintner from the Leelanau Peninsula.

With sales of Northern Michigan wine steadily increasing within the state as well as expanding beyond state borders, Good Harbor is optimistic that there will be continued growth opportunity for growers and vintners to produce a large array of quality wine from interesting varieties in the future.

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Photo(s) by Good Harbor Vineyards