Northern Michigan Recipes: Three of the fourteen homeowners in the 2012 Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour show us they can handle the heat in their kitchens—which are not only gorgeous, but practical for cooking, too. Here are three recipes they shared, featured in the October/November 2012 issue of Northern Home & Cottage.

Marmee's Swiss Enchiladas

Prepared by Pegy Stanek, House #13—Marmee's Kitchen

Pegy Stanek is working on a book of family recipes for her grandchildren. This recipe, drawn from the work in progress, was given to her by a dear friend when she lived in Alaska in the 1970s.

Lemon Cooler

Prepared by Nancy Karabacz, House #1—Wordly Flavors

Not only did Nancy share her kitchen with us for the 2012 Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour, she also shared this delicious recipe for lemon coolers.

Hungarian Kifle

Prepared by Kathy Adelaine, House #5—Lightened Up

Among the holiday treats Kathy prepared in her new kitchen last year was her Aunt Irene’s recipe for Hungarian Kifle. “With my new oven, it’s a piece of cake—it’s taken me years and about 50 pounds to get it right. Ha!”

Want to see where these recipes came from? The 2012 Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour is October 13th–click here to order your tickets!

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