Move aside apple, it’s time for autumn’s pear to showcase its sweet and savory sides. Enjoy this fall fruit in appetizers, salads and desserts during their peak season, October–November. Just click the names of the dishes for recipes to prepare at your next October gathering.

Fire-Roasted Beet and Pear Salad

A surprising dish with two tastes that work well together from King of The Q’s Blue Plate BBQ, by Ted Reader.

Wedge of Raclette Served with Spiced Walnuts and Pear Chips

Fill the air with holiday aromas when you make this party-pleasing autumnal appetizer.

Spinach, Pear & Hazelnut Salad with Maple Leek Dressing

The Intentional Minimalist blogger Kristin Celeste tosses together this sweet, savory and innovatively healthy salad.

Grilled Stuffed Pears

Grill a dessert without the guilt in one of Florine Mark’s favorite Weight Watchers recipes.

Pear Clafouti

Fresh, firm pears are the star of this aromatic French-countryside dessert. A sweet treat to end any meal.

Farm Fresh Fruit

Fruit is best when fresh from the farm. Get your pears from Northern Michigan orchards and farms to make these recipes even better. Here are some options:

  • First Fruits LLC (Flynn Orchards), Mancelona, (231) 886-0416
  • Friske Orchards & Farm Market, Ellsworth,
  • Youker Farm Market, Grawn, (231) 943-4003
  • King Orchards, Central Lake,

Bring your family and make a fall day out of it! Most of these Northern Michigan orchards and farms have autumn activities for kids and grown-ups, call for details and individual hours.