Traverse City Events: A collection of local organizations are joining together to bring Michael Shuman, author and nationally renown economic development specialist, to Traverse City, on October 2, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at NMC’s Hagerty Center.

Shuman argues that local investment could unleash a $15 trillion shift from Wall Street to Main Street, or roughly $50,000 per capita. This could be a total game changer for local businesses in Northern Michigan. There’s a growing body of evidence that local, small businesses are particularly critical for creating jobs.

Have you always wanted more options to invest your money or your retirement savings than Wall Street provides? Do you wish your investment dollars could work right in your own community? Join Michael Shuman’s provocative presentation revealing the economic power of local investing. He will review the top 22 rules for making the local investment scene work. This is a movement that brings Tea Party Republicans together with Occupy Wall Street Democrats (such as the recent passage of President Obama’s JOBS package).

Recent passage of President Obama’s JOBS package –one of the few bills in which Tea Party Republicans joined together with Occupy Wall Street Democrats — means that crowdfunding (soliciting small dollar investments from large numbers of unaccredited investors) will soon be legal.

Have you always wanted to invest your money locally? You are a small scale investor and you want more options than Wall Street provides? You want your investment dollars to work right in your own community?

This event is hosted by: Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce, OdomREUSE, LIAA, MLUI, Oryana, SEEDS, Great Lakes Bioneers, Neahtawanta Center, FIM Group, Crystal Mountain Resort, Olson, Bzdok & Howard,P.C., Baybucks and iCR Investigating Community Resilience

Michael Shuman is director of research for Cutting Edge Capital, director of research and economic development at the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), and a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute. He holds an AB with distinction in economics and international relations from Stanford University and a JD from Stanford Law School. He has led community-based economic-development efforts across the country and has authored or edited seven previous books, the most recent of which is Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity.

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