Northern Michigan Art: Local Northern Michigan artist Eric Daigh has become globally recognized for his unique style of pushpin art. Featuring this humblest of office supplies, Daigh has been hailed with acclaim and awards for his detailed and shockingly realistic portaits made up of thousands of pushpins.

Most recently, Daigh was asked to create a portrait of Pinterest founder and CEO Ben Silbermann for a feature in Fast Company magazine’s 2012 Design Issue. Co.Design was so impressed with Daigh's portrait of Silbermann, containing no less than 22,765 pushpins, they interviewed the Northern Michigan artist to learn more about his creative process.

Click here to read the article and to see a gallery of photos documenting Daigh's work.

Fast Company isn't the only magazine impressed with Eric Daigh's work! Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine and have been following this Northern Michigan artist, too.