Traverse City News: INC. Magazine recently released the names of their 2012 INC 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the United States; and leading the list of Michigan companies was Keen Technical Solutions of Traverse City.

Keen ranked #1 of the 9 Michigan firms ranked, #60 out of all the 500 companies listed, and #6 out of 23 Energy sector companies listed.

Keen Technical Solutions is an energy service company in its fifth year of business, specializing in energy efficiency and conservation solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. Their offices are in Building 50 at Grand Traverse Commons, Traverse City and are headed by CEO Steve Morse and President Tim Pulliam. Keen employs 10 people in Traverse City, and 6 sales staff around the state. Keen has already saved its customers over $14 Million dollars in energy costs. had a chance to chat with Chuck Downey, Director of Strategic Planning for Keen Technical Solutions, to learn more about this fast-growing, Traverse City-based business.

How did Keen become involved in energy efficiency and conservation?

Keen's two principals, CEO Steve Morse and President Tim Pulliam, were both involved in the heating and electrical business for years, making it natural for them to begin looking closely at the energy efficient rebates increasingly offered by government in order to save people money. Alternative energy was thrust to the forefront, but this takes time. Morse and Pulliam started asking, "What can we do in the mean time?" The answer was to be more energy efficient.

Why out of Traverse City?

Both Morse and Pulliam are locals and have been involved in Traverse City for many years. There's a lot of work to do, and they want to do everything they can to increase energy efficiency and savings, starting locally.

What with being named one of the United State's fastest growing private companies, there is a clear demand for Keen's efforts. What are your future plans to continue this outreach and growth?

We've already expanded outside of Michigan, and are now looking at major organizations with centers all over the country. We're still trying to get the word out, and make sure that people become aware of efficient energy options offered to them and the resultant personal savings and global conservation benefits. Generally, we can guarantee we will reduce people's bills, with savings of up to one half in areas such as lighting. Keen will then give people a plaque saying "Your savings are environmentally equivalent to planting 67 acres of trees, saving 30,000 gallons of gas and 718 barrels of oil." We are conscious of the environmental good that comes from energy efficiency, and connecting that good to individuals and companies. 

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