Northern Michigan Style: Former designer for Vera Wang’s multi-million dollar Simply Vera label and wife of Steve Kircher, owner of Northern Michigan's Boyne Resorts, has launched Trybe, a new line of women’s clothing.

The remarkable thing about this new line of luxuriously soft, beautiful and wearable clothing is that it’s being created right here in Northern Michigan through a Michigan corporation called Northcoast Design Group.  And to the duo responsible for Trybe, this Made-in-Michigan approach makes perfect sense.  They believe in Michigan and its future, and that the best things in fashion no longer have to come from New York or Los Angeles. 

“We think women will be excited to have go-to dresses and separates made in the USA and sold at a price that will surprise and delight. And we are thrilled to be based in Northern Michigan and hope that we can put a spotlight on the energy of the renaissance of our state right now and what we can accomplish here,” said Rebecca Clark, Trybe’s President and lead designer.

“Trybe is all about an effortless, American made beauty.  We’ve created soft, flattering, classically beautiful and feminine clothes that are accessible to own and sumptuous to wear.  Our credo is “Find your path, take a chance, reveal yourself, love and be loved by your Trybe,” Says Molly Kircher, Trybe’s CEO.

The company, Northcoast Design Group, was started in 2011 by Kircher and Clark and is a Michigan Corporation. Rebecca, a top graduate from New York’s famed Pratt Institute is a business owner and fashion designer returned to Michigan after 12 years in New York, and was the creative force behind the launch of several highly successful labels including most recently Simply Vera for Vera Wang.  She owns Michigan Fashion Proto, a Lansing-based apparel sample and production business.  Molly, a graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a BFA in Theatre, is an entrepreneurial type and the former marketing director for Clark Construction Company in Lansing.  She is an author, an event planner and the current brand director for Boyne Resorts in Northern Michigan.

Michigan natives Molly Kircher and Rebecca Clark are no strangers to entrepreneurial ventures.  Being part of families that have their roots firmly planted in Michigan, Kircher is tied to Boyne Resorts, the third largest resort network in the nation and Clark Construction Company, consistently ranked by Engineering News Record as a top 100 Construction Management firm in the US– both based in Michigan, they too have chosen Michigan to be home to their newly launched clothing company, Trybe: a brand that has pushed through all start up stereotypes and leaped into retail stores nationally without hesitation.  “Michigan is a beautiful place with amazing creative talent and a history of innovation.  It’s a a great place to live and work and we think it’s the perfect home for our company and the lifestyle we express with Trybe,” says Clark.

“We grew up in small towns and had large and loving families.  We’ve lived in the city, we’ve traveled extensively and we’re involved in the multitude of activities that so many women we know take on these days: family, work, community, social and political causes, education, charity and more.  Along the way we’ve distilled what we think is important — loving what you do and who you are and sharing that with the world.  In being grounded and finding your own path, taking chances and sharing your secrets with one another you begin to reveal who you really are and that is what makes you beautiful and what allows you to love fully and to be loved,” Kircher summarizes.

Trybe is created and sampled in Lansing, Michigan, and is 100% made in the USA.  “It’s important to us to be a part of the solution driven thinking here in Michigan and in this country.  We intend to continue to contribute to our economy and to the spirit of our talented workforce in every way we can and we’ve started by sharing what we love to do and Trybe is an expression of that, ” says Clark.

Currently sold in more than 75 retail stores across the country, and with sales increasing each season, Trybe plans to continue development in Michigan, support the emerging Michigan garment industry and use production facilities based in the USA.

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