Northern Michigan Fishing:  Most people think of fishing as a man’s sport, but women’s fishing excursions and adventures are picking up steam in Benzie County, located in Northern Michigan. In response to this growing interest, an entire day will be devoted to women during the Benzie County Fishing Frenzy with the Ladies Classic Event, taking place in Frankfort, Northern Michigan on Friday, August 24, 2012.

The Ladies Classic Event is expected to have over 40 teams competing for 1st through 5th place, as well as money and gift prizes. Here are some details:

  • 1st Place prize will be approximately $750 (the prize amount is based on number of registrations)
  • Women teams must include at least 2 women. Typically five to six women are on a team.
  • Women all need to have proper charter fishing licenses.
  • The rules include: All ladies must do everything once the fish strikes including fight the fish, net it, and get it in the boat. The men on the boat – typically the Captain and crew – can be on the boat to drive the boat, set the lines, and clean the fish after the fish have been weighed in.
  • Scoring: Biggest Aggregate weight of 5 fish – the total weight – and – biggest weight for a single fish

The Benzie Fishing Frenzy is a record-breaking event including a Ladies Classic on Friday, and the Pro/Am Classic on Saturday and Sunday open to both men and women.

There will be over $25,000 in cash and prizes dispersed throughout the full 3-day event. The Event starts at the crack of dawn and fishing happens between 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Once boats are registered, the cash prizes will be set – usually the evening before the event begins. More information and to register see Benzie Fishing Frenzy.

According to Amanda Rommell, co-owner of Tiny Bubbles Charters and Big Bob’s Up North Outfitters in Frankfort, the coastal city along the Northern Lake Michigan shore, “Charter Fishing is super scenic. When you’re out on Lake Michigan it’s gorgeous. We are getting more and more women on our charter fishing trips every year. The women like to make their outings fun. Sometimes they bring their favorite music, wine and cheese and other favorite foods, and even dress in theme attire for their “fishing event”. And when they get to shore they love hauling in the fish, carrying them up to the dock and getting photos of all of their catch which can range from 5 to 25 fish depending on the season, skill, or luck aboard that day.”

Charter Fishing is a popular sport in Benzie County in spring, summer and fall. Women are encouraged to bring a sense of curiosity and adventure as well as the fun elements of a girlfriend get-together – from food to wine, sparklers to kites, stories and favorite music.

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