Northern Michigan Recipes: When the Northern Michigan summer weather is too hot to bear there is nothing you want to do less than cook. The Intentional Minimalist blogger Kristin Celeste uses fresh and local ingredients in her "Too Damn Hot to Cook" series to whip up some delicious and cooling meals (minus the oven!)

Cajun Chicken Cucumber Salad

Summer salads are the best and adding local smoked cajun chicken makes them better! Click here for the recipe.

Bombay Chicken Spring Rolls with Cilantro Verjus Dipping Sauce

Nothing says summer like homemade spring rolls! Click here for the recipe.

Thai Coconut Chicken with Vegetable Noodles

Using local smoked bombay chicken as well as coconut manna this recipe will make you feel like you are living in paradise! Click here for the recipe.

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