Northern Michigan: Don't leave Bowser out in your reduce, reuse, recycle lifestyle! Great Lakes Pet Memorial has begun a new recycle program, asking for gently used pet items in order to benefit local pet rescues and shelters.

Great Lakes Pet Memorial’s new recycle program gives pet owners the opportunity to donate their pet's gently used toys, bedding, unused food, collars, and leashes to a local pet rescue or shelter like A.C. Paw, H.A.N.D.D.S to the Rescue, The Cherryland Humane Society or a shelter of your choice in memory of your pet.

Many rescue agencies are run solely on donations and volunteer dedication. Great Lakes Pet Memorial would like to give back to these agencies and help them achieve their missions in the name of your pet.

Any items donated will be neatly and lovingly packaged, dedicated, and presented to your chosen pet adoption agency in the name of your pet and your family. Each package will include an “In Memory Of” card from Great Lakes Pet Memorial with your pet’s information as the donor.

The loss of a pet can be a devastating event for any family. The grief can seem overwhelming at times. Knowing that your pet’s care items will be put to good use can help bring peace to the family. Grieving pet owners can appreciate that those items will help save pets in the future. It can all be made part of a comforting tribute to their cherished pet’s memory.

Great Lakes Pet Memorial will gladly accept gently used items like; bedding, unused food, leashes, collars, toys, pet clothing, blankets, treats etc at their store in the Chums Corners area of Traverse City. They are open Monday through Friday.

This will be an ongoing program offered by Great Lakes Pet Memorial at no added cost. For more information please call (231) 421-1370, visit or send an e-mail to:

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