It is no secret that summer has hit Northern Michigan. The beaches are as full of bathing bodies as the water is with beautiful boats. The streets are packed with runners, walkers, bikers, roller bladders and the occasional eager canine. But who can blame them? This heat wave makes it hard not to crave the outdoors. There is certainly one thing missing though, the gear that celebrates this Red Hot Season. This is why Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine and MyNorth Media, have come out with a new, stylish t-shirt guaranteed to serve as the best summer grab and go for those hot days at the beach, on the water or by the dock. 

It's reddish tones pop on the blue and gray canvas reminding us of our summer evenings watching the unbelievable sunsets unique to Northern Michigan. With a cohesion of polyester and soft cotton, these t-shirts are also durable yet comfortable and breathable, making them a long lasting souvenir.

They are great gifts for recent graduates too as they look back on their last summer before leaving the nest. Also perfect presents for those summer guests!

Grab yours at our MyNorth store and make your Red Hot Best Summer complete.