Mackinac Island Attractions: According to the ancient Native American tribes of the Odawa and Ojibwa, Mackinac Island is the place where all life began.  Here, the earth grew into being from a small mound of mud from the bottom of Lake Michigan, placed safely on the shell of the first turtle. Today, you can visit this sacred space in the Mackinac Island State Park. Free of charge and open all year round, the park covers over 80 percent of the island, and is characterized by stunning views of the Mackinac Straits, towering limestone bluffs and geological formations, and deep, quiet woods. Discover the park by foot, rented bicycle or horse, and remember to bring a camera or sketchpad to capture your trip to the place where the world began.

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After your visit to the Mackinac Island State Park, stroll over to the Surrey Hills Shops. Featuring boutiques and souvenir shops, Surrey Hills also offers food at The Feed Bag, a good thing for hungry hikers! Grab some lunch and head out to the Surrey Hills lawn for an impromptu picnic, or wander through the main building, admiring the carriages on display. Located in the island’s interior, just past the Grand Hotel, the Surrey Hills is quite close to the Mackinac Island State Park–the perfect place to rejuvenate after a long day out of doors!

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