Traverse City: In recent years there has been a noticable rise in Michigan pride, and the "Don't Mess with the Mitten" line has played no small part in this phenomenon. Not only does the Mitten State inspired gear allow those who love Michigan to show thier appreciation, it also helps fund a "Girls Travel Club" in Metro Detroit. The "Don't Mess with the Mitten" line is now avaliable in downtown Traverse City at Nifty Things!

The "Don't Mess with the Mitten" wear is the brain child of Lisa Burnia and Terri O'Brien. Both women grew up in Metro Detroit and the line was developed with the hope that it would spread the founders love for their native state. They collaborated with Pryor Design in Ann Arbor to come up with the "Don't Mess with the Mitten" logo and since then the design can be seen on t-shirts, hoodies coffee mugs, window clings, auto air fresheners and oven mitts.

Now with every t-shirt purchased a dollar goes towards a girl's travel club that was started in the inner city of Detroit by founders Burnia and O'Brien. The "Girls Travel Club" consists of fifteen teenage girls in their freshman year at Western High School. The goal behind this club?

"Our goal is to take the girls to local communities to learn and experience life outside of their world in the inner city of Detroit. So far this year the “Girls Travel Club” has traveled to Ann Arbor, Royal Oak and on the Detroit River on a large boat!”  Lisa Burnia said.

The "Don't Mess with the Mitten" gear can be found in Traverse City at Nifty Things and it is also sold in Elk Rapids and Alden.

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