Traverse City Cherry Festival Donates to Child and Family Services

Traverse City National Cherry Festival: Northern Michigan continues to be an example of community conscientousness. Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan will receive a $5000 donation from the Cherry Festival Foundation, as a result of the combined efforts of the National Cherry Festival and Verizon Wireless to help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. In honor of the National Cherry Festival's work to combat the problem of domestic violence and assault, Verizon Wireless donated $5000 to the Cherry Festival Foundation for them to award to any deserving nonprofit organization.

This partnership began last summer, when the National Cherry Festival joined Verizon Wireless in collecting  nearly 34,000 used and discarded wireless phones and accessories to benefit Verizon's HopeLine program. HopeLine collects the no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories- no matter their condition or original carrier-and refurbishes, sells, or refurbishes it. All of the proceeds are donated to domestic violence prevention and treatment prevention and treatment organizations in the form of cash grants. This will be the third year that the National Cherry Festival and Verizon will work together.

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"Verizon Wireless has been an outstanding corporate partner, not only as a sponsor of the National Cherry Festival but also as a supporter of the Cherry Festival Foundation," said Trevor Tkach, Executive director of the National Cherry Festival. "We are delighted to help Child and Family Services continue with teh outstanding and important work they do in Northern Michigan."

About Child and Family Services

Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan provide human and social service programs to a 13-county region. Verizon and the Cherry Festival Foundation's $5000 donation will benefit the organization's Helping Children program, which is designed to help children and their families heal after sexual abuse.

Those interested in donating can drop off old cell phones and accessories at any Verizon Wireless Communications Store in Michigan, or at the National Cherry Festival office in Traverse City and the Open Space Park  from July 7-14, where collection boxes will be placed in various places.

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