Traverse City Activities: When the sun is hot and the pavement seems to steam beneath your feet, slipping into a cool, dark movie theater is one of the most refreshing feelings in the world. This Wednesday, get a group of friends together and escape to Traverse City's restored State Theater for the Twenty-Five Cent Matinee. This Wednesday, June 13, 2012, the film de jour is "Since You Went Away"– the 1944 story of a family (including a grown-up Shirley Temple!) coping with the realities of WWII. And because tickets are only 25 cents, you can treat friends and family by buying everyone's ticket and still having enough left over for popcorn!

After seeing a movie, get outside and move around at Traverse City's West End Beach volleyball nets. Located across from the Traverse City Visitor's Center on Grandview Parkway, the nets are a popular local hang out. Slather on some sunscreen and bring a volleyball to the totally free space, and watch both the boats in the harbor and the foot traffic along the TART trail. Should the sunshine and exercise prove to be a little too much heat, it's a short run and jump into the bay!

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