Northern Michigan Wine: Paul Hamelin of Verterra Winery, a Northern Michigan winery located in Leelanau County, has partnered with Sue Boyer, owner of Chocolate Exotica of Traverse City, to combine dessert wines and exotic Artisan chocolate truffles. Using Verterra Winery's two dessert wines, a 2011 Vignoles Ice Wine and a Cherry Port Wine, these two new truffles are a culinary delight!

Chocolate Exotica has developed a white chocolate truffle that has the Verterra Ice Wine incorporated into the Ganache center, covered in white chocolate and topped with pistachio nuts. The sweetness of the white chocolate, apricot and mango flavors from the dessert Ice Wine, the dark chocolate/Ice wine Ganache center and a little saltiness from the pistachios is…well, just heavenly.

The same concept was incorporated into the second creative combination. Another truffle was designed with a dark chocolate covering, a dark chocolate Ganache center and topped with a dried cherry. This combination has Verterra’s Cherry Port Wine infused in the heart of this truffle jewel.

These truffles can only be sampled in Verterra's Winery Tasting room, located in Leland. They are open from 11am-6pm daily. For more information, visit

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