The crime: In October 2011, a vandal (or vandals) entered an orchard in Leelanau County and cut down 400 trees. Police know of similar vandalism, though on a smaller scale, in other orchards. Officers have no suspects.

The reporter: True-crime writer Mardi Link wanted to investigate and share the story with the world, but needed money to fund it. She turned to the innovative funding website Kickstarter and asked investors for $2,500. Link reached her funding goal April 20 and was just about to begin work on the project as we were going to press with the June issue.

Look for the completed story some time in June, but “if there are things breaking, developments, I’ll wait to publish it,” she says. Top funders will receive, in addition to a printed copy of the story, an overnighted box of homemade cherry pie. Non-investors will be able to download the story as an Amazon single for a small fee.

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