Traverse City: Creative Recycling and Repurposing with SCRAP TC

Traverse City: A national non-profit organization dedicated to diverting landfill items that can be creatively repurposed and reused, SCRAP (School and Community Reuse Action Project) USA takes your everyday items from the trash bin and junk drawers and turns them into new treasures and creative materials. For your creative recycling convenience, SCRAP USA has now come to Traverse City with SCRAP TC.

Holding onto random buttons, that wine cork collection you meant to do something with, or old CD's that you just can't bear to throw away? Donate them to SCRAP TC! Liz Lancashire, Executive Director for SCRAP TC, says that they are constantly accepting item donations to resell at half the price in an effort to divert landfill items that can be creatively repurposed.

Open Saturdays from 12:00-4:00 p.m. at their Garfield Center Plaza location (space that was generously donated by Mike Anton for temporary use), SCRAP TC accepts everyday item and material donations from both individuals and businesses. Liz invites the community to bring in old paper, fabric, zippers, canning jars or records that have been laying around the house or offfice… practically anything that you think can be creatively reused by someone else, probably can be.

SCRAP TC is set up like a giant store, filled with organized bins (that have, of course, also been donated for reuse!) where the creative-minded can peruse in search of the perfect materials needed for that next art project. Does your kid have a paper mache project for school? Purchase stacks of paper, charged by the inch. Want to make your own cork board? Buy wine corks by the scoop. Dozens of bins are filled to the brim with reclaimed materials, most of which are modestly priced based on weight calculated from different scales, making the possibilities not only endless with SCRAP TC, but also affordable.

Head to SCRAP TC today! Whether donating or purchasing, SCRAP TC is a hub for anyone dedicated to the reduce, reuse, recycle movement. SCRAP TC is also constantly looking for volunteers. Sign up to help during their regular Saturday hours, or for Tuesday craft night- a weekly workshop with themes as ever-changing as SCRAP TC's materials. With enough volunteers, Liz says SCRAP TC is hopeful that more workshops and store hours can be offered to the public.

For more information, visit the SCRAP TC website.