Northern Michigan Events: Get Fit with Murray's Biggest Loser Contest

Northern Michigan Events: Meet your personal goals the fun way and join Murray's Bar and Grill's new weight loss challenge, the four-month Biggest Loser Contest. Weekly cash giveaways, a grand prize, delicious lunches and a whole lot of camaraderie await! Who knew getting in shape could be this rewarding?

Whether preparing for Northern Michigan's sweet summer months (aka swimsuit season) or looking to jump start a healthier new lifestyle, the Biggest Loser Contest is perfect for everyone and encourages both men and women to participate.

Here's what you won't find during Northern Michigan's new Biggest Loser Contest at Murray's Bar and Grill: TV cameras, torturing trainers, or total isolation from family members. What you will find are great healthy meals, inspirational and informational speakers, private weigh-ins, prizes for weekly weight loss winners and a generous cash reward for the "biggest loser" at the end of the four-month contest. Not a bad trade in.

For a $10 entry fee you will become a member of Murray's Biggest Loser Club, which invites you to their East Jordan Bar & Grill every Monday from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Beginning February 6 and running through Memorial Day (except for April 2), members will enjoy an affordable, healthy lunch, 15-20 minutes of words of wisdom from guest speakers, and, of course, the weigh-in (conducted in private). It won't matter if you miss a Monday… you simply won't be eligible for that week's prize. You will, however, also be missing the camaraderie, the motivation and the great food.

Each week, the biggest percentage weight loss winner will receive a prize worth at least $10. Each month for the four months, a sponsor will contribute $100 toward the cash reward at the end of the contest for a total of $400. In addition, $5 of each club membership will go toward the final prize. So encourage friends and family to participate along with you- the more people who join the club, the bigger the pot will be at the end!

For more information, contact Murray's at 231-536-3395, email Emily Welsh at, or visit

Good luck Northern Michigan!