Northern Michigan Foodie: Make Kelly Lively's recipe for Northern Michigan lamb and potato stew to warm up those belly's sitting around your table. With delicious local and seasonal ingredients, don't be surprised if seconds are requested!

“This is a great recipe to warm up your winter evening,” says Kelly Lively, special projects/school coordinator for Cherry Capital Foods, a Northern Michigan wholesaler that sells only Michigan-grown produce and meats. “I’m lucky to be surrounded every day with all kinds of local foods—it’s hard to keep from overstocking my kitchen. Everyone should be so fortunate. Just keep asking your local grocery stores to offer more local food.”

The lamb, potatoes, garlic, onion, parsley, jalapeño and wine that Lively used in this recipe are all from Northern Michigan. Enjoy!

Find Kelly Lively's recipe for Northern Michigan Lamb and Poato Stew here!

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