Mitten Wars: Michigan v. Wisconsin

The entire state of Michigan is shaking over it: Travel Wisconsin is using a knit mitten (or what sorta looks like a mitten) for their snow report graphic. It’s time to take off the gloves Michiganders. Tell us what you think here (corny mitten/yarn/digit/hand puns welcome!).

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  • Lissa Edwards

    Really Wisconsin?

  • Anonymous

    Coverage of the “mitten incident” discovered by Alex Beaton the owner of Awesome Mitten includes AP, USA Today, Record Eagle and Gawker. And clearly Michigan is THE mitten state. I think it’s really just getting started …

  • Michael Thompson

    Perhaps these cheese heads think they’re being extra sharp, but I don’t appreciate them monterey-jacking a longstanding Michigan-ism.

  • Anonymous

    Underhanded effort on their part….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Now the UP has to pick sides? This is dangerous. Yoopers love their Packers. They aren’t too fond of trolls, or I-75, or really much of anything below the bridge. Hopefully this won’t result in hand-to-hand combat.

  • Anonymous

    They’ll have to settle for the Roses. The Mitten is Pure Michigan.

  • Candace Morse

    Like most of us, they are just Smitten with the Mitten

  • eddie davis

    I they turn Wisconsin up side down they have a sock. I would go with that one.
    Eddie Davis

  • Anonymous

    I have lived in Michigan for 4 years now, but lived in WI for 25 years prior. I have to say that I’ve always used the mitten/hand description to describe WI well before I knew MI used it as well. Before this whole current gruff, Michiganders thought that the only thing MI had going for it over WI was that you could accurately depict the state with your hand. Now that they realize that they aren’t the only ones who can do that, most of them are just bitter. It’s probably related to the LP’s inferiority complex with the Upper Peninsula, and how the UP identifies itself more with WI than it does with the rest of MI (even though it should be its own state called “sUPerior.”

  • Anonymous

    I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life…I agree with Michigan…this is stupid. Michigan is the mitten shaped state…not Wisconsin!!

  • dramamine

    Lay off Wisconson. Most of the time, they’re too drunk to function. Lets not forget they successfully re-called their terrible Governor for a re-election. How’s Snyder’s re-call going? And WHERE has it gone?
    As far as mittens are concerned, maybe they were talking about if that one guy owned mittens, that’s what it would look like. You know, that one guy. The Elephant Man? Yeah, him.