Traverse City Film Festival: Lip Dub Comes To Traverse City

Traverse City Film Festival: Be a participant (not just an observer!) in the Traverse City Film Festival. This year, for the first time ever, the Traverse City Film Festival joins FishSoup Films to film a lip dub. Why? To show the world how great the Traverse City Film Festival, Traverse City and Northern Michigan are! If you don’t know what a lip dub is click here to read all about this new phenomenon. Check out Grand Rapids’ World Record!

We will need hundreds of people (maybe even a thousand!) to make this a success, so if you are interested in participating or would like to take on a larger role, contact [email protected] for more information. You can also visit our Facebook page Traverse City Lip Dub and “like” us to get the most up to date information about our 2011 lip dub.

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