Traverse City Events: Read and Relax Courtesy of Traverse Library

Northern Michigan Events: Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast. You’ve gotta make your Northern Michigan summer last!

Help make the dog days linger by lingering over a book: Once again, the Traverse Area District Library is collaborating with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Park and Recreation and the Library of Michigan to promote the Park and Read Program.

The Park and Read Program says it all in the name. Go to any of the Traverse Area District Library’s six locations, borrow a book, and receive a one-day permit for your vehicle that is effective in any Michigan State Park and Recreation Area. Isn’t that what we long for? Think back to those long, dark winter days, when everything was a chore, and the only thing we could bring ourselves to do was to think about summer, and relaxing—doing nothing more than reading a good book under a tree.

Well, now there’s no excuse. The Park and Read Program in Traverse City helps everyone relax up north. The park system encompasses 285,000 acres of land, 13,500 campsites, 879 miles of trails, and boundless summer solitude.

Be sure to bring your library card, and request to “check-out” a pass for Michigan State Parks. The pass can be used for one whole day, within seven days of your checkout date.

So crack open a book and immerse yourself in those stories you never made time to read. The program will continue until October or as long as passes last. For more information,