Northern Michigan Vacation: Solace on Boyne Mountain

Northern Michigan Vacation: Once a year we go with another couple to some type of resort—usually with a spa for the girls. Last year we went to Solace Spa at Boyne Mountain. We drove up in the morning from Traverse City and were there by midafternoon to check into the chalet we’d rented. The guys went upland bird hunting somewhere around there and my friend, [Dr.] Anessa Songer, and I went to the spa. It was fabulous. We started out with pedicures and a glass of wine—I had chardonnay. Then we spent about a half hour in this great hot tub that they have. Then we went in for massages. Anessa had the deep tissue massage and I had—I can’t recall what it was called but I had to wash off mud. Everyone was attentive. Peaceful. The quietness … what is the word I’m looking for? Tranquil. Yes, tranquil.

Afterward, we all had dinner at Everett’s. It was fantastic. Great atmosphere and a lodge kind of feeling., 800.462.6963.