Northern Michigan Events: Nothing can compare to local fruits and veggies fresh off the farm—especially in the summer time. Asparagus, cherries (of course), peaches, corn, and strawberries are just a few of the tasty crops Northern Michigan offers.

This Sunday, June 19, the Downtown Business Association of Alden is celebrating this luxury, and raising money for the organization—with strawberries! For a small fee, visitors and locals alike head down to the Alden Depot (it’s right on the water) and can tuck in to a heaping bowl of strawberry shortcake: homemade biscuits, whipped cream, and the best strawberries Northern Michigan has to offer. Just want the strawberries? Buy ‘em by the quart! The DBA sells strawberries by the quart to raise money as well.

So head down to the Strawberry Festival—sink your teeth into those juicy, red berries that everyone knows are the tastiest sign of summer. For more information, call 331.6811.