Northern Michigan Attractions: Share Your S'more Recipes!

Northern Michigan Attractions: Traverse Magazine regularly dishes out the best in Northern Michigan cuisine how to’s and now it’s your turn. Next summer we will feature a story on the best gourmet and creative s’more ideas and we need help from our readers. So, tell us your secrets! Do you know a secret ingredient that can transform s’mores from bore to ‘I want more!’? Is there a certain type of chocolate that does the trick? How about a homemade marshmallow recipe? Or a special roasting technique? Or even a clever substitution for graham crackers? Here at Traverse Magazine, we want to see just how creative you can get with the timeless campfire treat. After all, you’re never too old to sit by a campfire and roast a marshmallow.

Post your s’more ideas in the comment box below and you may see your recipe featured in our August 2012 issue!