Northern Michigan Attractions: Share Your S'more Recipes!

Northern Michigan Attractions: Traverse Magazine regularly dishes out the best in Northern Michigan cuisine how to’s and now it’s your turn. Next summer we will feature a story on the best gourmet and creative s’more ideas and we need help from our readers. So, tell us your secrets! Do you know a secret ingredient that can transform s’mores from bore to ‘I want more!’? Is there a certain type of chocolate that does the trick? How about a homemade marshmallow recipe? Or a special roasting technique? Or even a clever substitution for graham crackers? Here at Traverse Magazine, we want to see just how creative you can get with the timeless campfire treat. After all, you’re never too old to sit by a campfire and roast a marshmallow.

Post your s’more ideas in the comment box below and you may see your recipe featured in our August 2012 issue!

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  • kpeterson


  • sMack

    The best way to make a s’more is to get the chocolate melty and creamy and it blends nicely with the marshmallow and gets into the holes of the graham cracker, oozing out in just the right portions.

    First, evenly toast the marshmallow over a slow heated bonfire. Careful not to burn, unless you like them burnt, as some people prefer them that way–I think they’re just impatient.
    Then, place a graham cracker on each side of the sandwich toaster. On the inside of the cracker, slide a slice of Hersey’s chocolate, at least 3 bars on each side. In the middle, squeeze the mallow cream.
    Close the lid. Be careful not to burn yourself.
    Leave roasting for a minute or so, enough to melt the chocolate and toast the cracker on each side.
    Be sure to have some paper towel handy and enjoy your messy sweet treat of ewey gooy mess.

  • Michael Thompson

    If you feel like getting really fancy, fry/bake bacon, mince it and sprinkle it between the chocolate and the marshmallow or melt the chocolate together with the bacon and cover the top side of several graham crackers in the chocolatey, bacon-y mixture.

    Also works well with coconut instead of bacon.

  • Marcia

    My favorite way to make a s’more … ready for this … instead of using a Hershey bar, try using a mini-Reese’s cup. Mmmmmm. The peanut-buttery goodness, combined with the sweetness of the marshmellow is oh, so yummy! When the soft Reese’s cup hits that hot marshmellow, it’s magic! And your friends and fam will also come back for s’more! Happy camping, friends!

  • Anonymous

    The best northern Michigan s’more is getting the marshmallows evenly roasted and then using Natalie Robyn’s Chocolate Cherry Topping on top instead of a chocolate candy bar.

  • Hal

    Smear a little peanut butter on your graham cracker. Your perfectly roasted marshmallow with its crispy brown shell will stay secure on the sticky peanut butter covered cracker. Then, put a square of chocolate inside the warm creamy center of the marshmallow, allowing it to melt. Last, cover with a second graham cracker. Take a bite and let all the flavors melt together in your mouth. A True S’more Rush!

  • Anonymous

    The perfect s’more requires a graham cracker, a piece of hershey’s chocolate and 2 marshmallows (one for each side of the chocolate so that it melts just right). My favorite place to enjoy this treat is at my parent’s cottage where we have a little beachside bonfire on the quiet, sandy shores of Grand Traverse Bay.

  • collie

    I enjoy making my smore’s with dark chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers. Dark chocolate with it’s antioxidants and cinnamon packed with vitamin K and iron and a good sourced of calcium. I usually use Hershey dark, but enjoy Dove chocolate even more. I usually take my time and turn the marshmallow at a steady pace so it doesn’t catch on fire. It may get a little toasty brown and that is fine. Twirling the marshmallow evenly heats it and it becomes very gooey and warm inside. The heat gets trapped inside and in turn helps melt the chocolate it sits on.I like putting chocolate on both the top and bottom. Since you are able to find the jumbo marshmallows almost any store, I use those when I can. It is so much easier to heat the jumbo size and keep it on the stick or skewer also.

  • hijenist

    I have to use Nutella on my graham cracker / cookie instead of chocolate pieces. Spreading the Nutella out (and licking the spoon)and then placing a gooey marshmallow on top is heavenly.

    My kids love to roast marshmallow peeps- all different characters- they puff up and carmelize on the outside- lots of fun to watch and eat!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t there a recipe for dipping the marshmallows in Bailey’s? Strictly a 21+ recipe, and I’ve never had the pleasure so I don’t know if there are nuances other than just dipping the marshmallow into a snifter …

  • Kim M

    Rather than a traditional fire roasted s’more, how about a dessert inspired by the gooey treat? S’mores Torte is a creation of mine from Thanksgiving Dinner 2010. It involves a graham cracker crumb crust, chocolate torte, and homemade marshmallow topping. Of course, the marshmallow topping was brulĂ©ed just before serving for that fresh-roasted aroma and toasted flavor. Yum!

  • Pumpkinlatte1

    We enjoy a minty take on the s’more- chocolate grahams, Andes mint candies and marshmallows. Another fave is chocolate grahams, toasted coconut marshmallows (gently toasted) and Hersey’s chocolate.