Northern Michigan Attractions: Craving some big city excitement this weekend? Or maybe you’re jonesing to get out of the city and Up North for the weekend–and who isn’t? Waive goodbye to the dreaded 6-hour drive, from Northern Michigan to Chicago, in your rear-view mirror. The new, Lakeshore Express is offering twice weekly public charter flights from the Pellston Regional Airport in Emmet County to a private terminal in Chicago Midtown, allowing you to make the trip in an about an hour, free from the inconveniences of commercial air travel.

The Lakeshore Express aircraft is a 30-seat turboprop and will be operated by Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. as the Direct Air Carrier. The service boasts:

  •      Roundtrip airfare starting below $400
  •      Turn your 6 hour drive into a 1 hour flight
  •      Departure from and arrival to private terminals
  •      Average check in time – 3 minutes
  •      Complimentary baggage handling
  •      Private waiting area and reception lounge
  •      No security lines
  •      Legroom comparable to first class

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