Keegan and Matt Myers, founders of M22 and Broneah Brothers, share their routine when it comes to mountain biking on Mackinac Island.

Keegan Myers: We’ve been going up there for almost 10 years. My goal is to make it once a summer. Sometimes we go for a day trip—but we like to stay the night. It’s fun, you can go out and everything is close. You don’t have to drive. We stay at the Metivier Inn. It’s quaint, has a good breakfast, homemade French toast, juice, coffee. If we are doing a day trip we’re out on the trail by noon, but if we spend the night we get up early, eat a good breakfast and hit the trails. The trails on the island are almost endless. Our favorite ones are at the highest elevation—along all of those bluffs. They are really good, technical trails. These aren’t 4-foot wide pampered trails; sometimes there’s a 500-foot drop right next to the trails.  They’re all tight single track. Lots of rocks.

Matt Myers: You get some really nice views of the bridge and the lake from that elevation. At night we typically go from bar to bar to see what’s happening. We usually have a friend or two working up there so they can tell us what’s going on. We float around. Dinner is usually some kind of fish on the menu at the Goodfellows Bar & Grill—they have a really nice sit down area in the back. The Pink Pony is our favorite bar. Last time we were there we ordered one round of this drink—it’s a 3-foot cylinder filled with Oberon.

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Planning Your Mackinac Island Vacation