Mackinac Island: Margaret Doud Elected Mayor Again

Margaret Doud will be Mayor of Mackinac Island for a 37th year.

It was the first time Doud, who owns the historic Windemere Hotel, had faced a challenger in almost 20 years. She was the only mayor her opponent, Gabe Cowell, had ever known.

Cowell, a city worker, said one of the reasons he wanted to enter the race was because of the controversy over ferry service to the island, which had been brewing over the past year. Though Northern Ferry—a merger of the Arnold and Star lines—and Shepler’s Ferry were granted two year franchises, the dispute over ferry service is still being played out in Federal Court, and the Michigan Public Service Commission is investigating the way rates and schedules are set on the island.

In yesterday’s election, 241 people voted for Mayor Doud. Cowell had 143 votes. He lost by 98 votes. There are 710 registered voters on Mackinac Island this year. After the results came in, Cowell said, "It was a good experience." He says he may run again next year. No response so far from Margaret Doud.