Northern Michigan Restaurants: La Bécasse Dishes Spring Deals

Northern Michigan Restaurants: For those who’ve never dared tread past the red velvet curtain into the sanctuary of French cuisine that is La Bécasse (and those who have), chef/proprietor Guillaume Hazaël-Massieux offers two fabulous shoulder-season ways to indulge in his intimate Leelanau County restaurant tucked across a wooded road from Glen Lake. On Wednesdays, two main dish specials (off the menu or the chalkboard) come for the price of one. On Friday, the $19 Seafood & Chardonnay special includes the seafood plat du jour—prepared various inspired ways but always featuring a trio of mussels, bay scallops and shrimp—a house salad, bread and a glass of the house chardonnay, or a red, si vous désirez. RESTAURANTLABECASSE.COM.—E.E.