Northern Michigan Events: Meet MyNorth Blogger Tom Carr

When he was growing up in Michigan, Tom Carr never had a problem finding music. That’s because most of it came to his house. Turns out Tom’s dad was a music writer for The Detroit News, and a lot of record companies wanted their product sampled by someone with the public’s ear.

The result? Young Tom ended up with a pretty good Michigan music collection, even if it was a little different in one respect. “There were a lot of labels that said promotional copy, not for sale,” the Michigan native says with a laugh.

Still it was a way into the worlds of Michigan jazz, rock, country, and blues that he grew to inhabit, more as a passion than a profession, but now there’s a professional angle too. Tom has joined the MyNorth community as a blogger and all around music man—even as he acknowledges finding good tunes isn’t as easy as it used to be. The virtual landscape that allows equal access for so many voices can be difficult to navigate and, curiously enough, make it harder to find worthy Michigan musicians amid the din.

His deal for the blog? He’ll help you find good Northern Michigan music if you help him—and he’ll tell you what he knows and thinks, seasoned by a twenty-year career in journalism and with the written equivalent of a twinkle in his eye. You can see that when he tells you about the zinger his fourth-grade teacher delivered after learning about his late-night initiation to Detroit jazz clubs. It’s in the links below (State landmark for sale) along with the rest of his musical musings. Drop him a note if you’re inclined or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, look for him on open mic night, Thursdays, at the Hayloft and let him know what you’re listening to that’s new and good in jazz, country, and blues.

As for keeping up with rock, he does what any sensible 50-something would do.

“I rely on my teenage son,” he says.

Read about Tom Carr at the Hayloft in the March 2011 issue of Traverse Magazine.

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