Meet MyNorth Blogger Anita Merlot and Her Blog: Southern Fried Fudge

This past June, Anita Merlot (ahem, not her real name) arrived at her summer home near the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and, for the first time ever, didn’t return to McKinney, Texas, for the winter. How does a witty Southern belle while away her snow-filled days in a small town? Turns out she lampoons (or is that harpoons?) us. We chuckled when we first read her MyNorth blog, Southern Fried Fudge. As the entries rolled in we LOL-ed, then found ourselves quoting her. The upshot? It’s time we formally introduced Northern Michigan’s personal satirist to MyNorth readers—so we’ve rounded up the links to her blogs into one neat list. As Anita might put it: Click here for a good time.

It’s in the Bag

Natural Born Leaner

Dern Those Dams


Fat Flakes

He Who Smelt It

Sparks Fly

(Not So) Simply Anita

It’s a Sweet Ride

To follow Anita Merlot’s blogs join our MyNorth Community at (it takes just a second to sign up if you haven’t yet), click on "members," search "Anita Merlot" and click "blog posts" (find it on the left side of the page).  

Article Comments

  • Carol

    Way to go Anita!!!!! Love you!

  • Deb Bartzen

    Anita, your Texas posse is thrilled you have lived to tell the tales of life Up North! Keep them coming as we can only imagine what else you might yearn to discuss!

  • kitcat

    WooHoo Anita!! You inspire all of us with your whit and charm – keep it rolling!!! Way to go girl!

  • 75205

    Nice kudo on the blog! Have you looked up the definition of "titular"? I had to, it seems funny that the headline of the article would have that word, maybe I’ve been watching to many Beeve and But reruns. Or maybe this new bra doesn’t have enough "push up".


    holding or constituting a purely formal position or title without any real authority.

    Makes me chuckle..

    FYI….it’s snowing in Big D and all those northerners who came down south for the S-Bowl are gone, now we can have our fair city back. And yes, school is closed, again. Yeehaw! Snow Day!


  • Anonymous

    Atta girl Mas! Love reading. Keep it up!!! xoxo Molly