We can’t promise it will raise IQ’s, but spending the second Saturday of the month at Northern Michigan’s Raven Hill Discovery Center will definitely raise a few “who knew’s?”   Free and fun, the monthly Northern Michigan events—happening this month on February 12—have a host of special science activities and demonstrations designed to make you think, wonder, question and create. 

This month’s focus is the law of motion, a la Rube Goldberg inventions.  Get to know the master of making simple tasks difficult (like the self-operating napkin), as well as the real science behind them. Hands-on activities are geared toward a variety of ages, plus there’s the museum, animals and outdoor spaces. 

As an added bonus,  family challenges happen each month to sharpen those creative and critical thinking skills…Just don’t name your team “the better mousetrap.” 

The playtime, er, we mean learning, takes place from 12-4 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month at Raven Hill Discovery Center, located on Fuller Road in East Jordan.  For more information, call 231-539-3369 or visit ravenhilldiscoverycenter.org.

Can’t make it this month?  Check out what’s coming in second Saturdays to come:March 13—Science Magic
April 10—Marble Rolls
May 8—Egg-citing Activities
June 12—Big WheelsJuly 10—Stomp Rockets

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