Video: Wolves Return to Michigan's Northern Lower Peninsula

Wolves near Petoskey? Mike Cromley of the Timber Wolf Alliance says, yes—that a small pack is forming in the Northern Michigan forests outside that bustling little city. Cromley goes on to talk about how this endangered species found its way below the Mackinac Bridge and how other Michigan wolves are faring.

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  • Audrey Papke

    I’ve seen wolves in lower Michigan over the years. I wondered what howled outside my daughter’s secluded place, for hours, even coming right up to the cabin. A couple of years ago, 2-to 4 years ago. A lone animal. I did see an artic wolf in Hillman, MI in 1999, at about midnight on my way home from TC. Alpena? They’ve been there too and one was trapped. I like to see them saved alive. Six years ago, again, maybe. They cross when the ice freezes.

  • Audrey Papke

    I felt so privileged to sight that white wolf. I would not tell on her.