Looking for a fresh, Northern Michigan, hormone-free and antibiotic-free turkey this year? Oryana, near downtown Traverse City, will be selling turkeys from Biehl’s Turkey Farm starting Monday, November 22, 2010.

Biehl’s Turkey Farm is a Mancelona turkey farm, about a half hour from Traverse City, raising birds on a vegetarian diet and without growth hormones or antibiotics. The farm sells roughly 4,000 turkeys each Thanksgiving.

The turkeys will average 12–17 pounds and are $2.39 per pound. No pre-orders are necessary at Oryana.

More Thanksgiving Treats at Oryana

Place an order for sweet holiday treats like pecan pie and pumpkin cream cheese cake roll or savory favorites like buttermilk biscuits and garlic mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving orders at the Lake Street Kitchen must be placed by November 22.

Tastings and samples are available on Monday, November 22, Tuesday, November 23 and Wednesday, November 24.Oryana has all the fixings to help make holiday time simple, healthy and delicious. Find complete menus and additional event and sale information can be found online at Oryana.coop.

To learn more about Oryana Natural Food Market, visit www.oryana.coop, 260 East 10th Street, at Lake Avenue, Traverse City. 231-947-0191 or e-mail info@oryana.coop.

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