Northern Michigan Wine: Patrick Gorman, Jack's Market

Presiding over Jack’s Market, Traverse City’s self-proclaimed "rock and roll wine shop," Patrick Gorman’s quick humor and infectious passion for fine libations has earned a loyal following at his well-stocked Front Street bottle shop. We drop in at Jack’s Market to talk blending and democratic wine values and the Northern Michigan wine world.

How is Jack’s bringing wine to the people?

It’s not about being the cheapest; it’s about knowing what’s in the bottle. Our staff spends a lot of time learning the product on our shelves, and we’ve built an amazing local clientele who trusts us, whether they’re spending nine dollars or 90. On any given afternoon we’ll be rocking out to Pearl Jam while discussing Brunello.

Speak to the local blending scene, if you will.

Look at Bordeaux, some of the world’s most famous wines are built around blending, I admire the ability of winemakers to bring together different grapes and vineyards into an ethereal end product. Our local guys are doing just that and embracing the acidity that comes with the climate; the joke is that a lot of these wines will outlive most of the over-extracted stuff fromCalifornia. I see us moving away from the qualifier ‘that’s a really good Michigan wine.’

Jack’s Market, 448 East Front Street, Traverse City, MI. 231-947-6170.

Tim Tebeau is food and wine editor for Traverse. [email protected]

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