Northern Michigan winery, Chateau Chantal, introduced two new white wines this week; Virtue and Vice.  The two wines were designed as companions to the best-selling reds, Naughty and Nice, which have undergone a label makeover to match their new “sister” wines. Together, the four wines from this winery on Old Mission, near Traverse City, satisfy a range of palates from dry red to sweet white, all crafted in a very approachable style.

The blended wines represent the continuation of synergies that exist between Chateau Chantal’s Michigan grown wines and their operations in Argentina.  Each wine is comprised of approximately 30% Argentine wine; red Malbec for Naughty & Nice, and white Torrontes for Virtue & Vice.  The combination of these varietals with the winery’s Michigan grown grapes provide unique aromatic properties and flavor profiles that can be enjoyed on their own or paired with a variety of dishes.

Virtue is a dry, easy to drink, un-oaked white wine blend that expresses crisp fruit characters. Pair Virtue with fresh salads, white meat dishes, and all things pure of heart. Serve chilled.  $11.49  36% Torrontes, 34% Riesling, 22% Pinot Blanc, 8% Gewurztraminer, 6% residual sugar.

Vice is a sweet, luxurious, unoaked white wine blend that expresses a plush, fruitful charm. Pair Vice with rich creamy cheeses, sweet fruit desserts, or other extravagances. Serve chilled.  $11.49  36% Torrontes, 34% Riesling, 22% Pinot Blanc, 8% Gewurztraminer, 1.5% residual sugar.

Naughty is a dry red blend with no harsh or bitter tastes and full of deep fruit flavors.  This red is even versatile enough to go well with fish – now that is Naughty! $11.49 32% Malbec, 68% Michigan Red Blend,  .5% RS.

Nice is a semi-sweet, fruity red with delightful red berry characters.  Pair Nice with grilled foods & BBQ sauce, pasta and pizza. Serve slightly chilled.  $11.49 32% Malbec, 68% Michigan Red Blend, 1.5% RS.

The wines are currently available for complimentary sampling at the winery on Old Mission Peninsula.  They will also be available through distribution and for purchase online at beginning the week of October 11.  Chateau Chantal invites you to come visit for a sample or, if you’d like, you can schedule a time to taste the wines.

Chateau Chantal, 15900 Rue de Vin, Traverse City, MI 49686. 231-223-4110 or 800-969-4009.

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