Canning local produce is in full swing in Northern Michigan as the fall harvest abounds. In this canning video, watch a group of women in Traverse City as they turn local cucumbers into dill pickles. You’ll see the cucumbers washed and sliced; the spices added, including whole, beautiful, stalks of fresh dill; the brine cooked and the jars put into the bath. This time honored process of “putting up” food for the winter is made all the more picturesque as these women can their cucumbers in a beautiful barn at Birch Point Farm on a gorgeous August day.

The women were part of a workshop put on by the Grand Traverse MSU Extension called Dilly Beans and Cucumber Pickling Workshop and led by Yvonne Stephens from ISLAND (Institute for Sustainable Living, Art and Natural Living). Find more events such as cordwood masonry, mushroom forays, a permaculture weekend and more.

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