Don't Miss the 2010 Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour October 16!

Put it on your calendar: The second annual Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour 2010 is Saturday, October 16. Get set to round up your pals for a fab day of kitchen touring during peak Up North color season.  These 13 kitchens, clustered near Traverse City and Petoskey, represent the latest in national trends along with a host of uniquely Up North twists perfect for your home or cottage.

See our Northern Home & Cottage Kitchen Tour Guide (in the October, 2010, issue of Northern Home & Cottage/Traverse Magazine) for a preview of the kitchens to help you plan your tour. Pick the magazine up at locations across the North. Can’t find one? Call 231-941-8174.

Here’s a quick peek at what your $10 ticket gets you in to see.  

click on the Northern Home & Cottage icon above to read the preview guide as a full-size digital magazine.

Let the Sky In Did you know that the color of a blue sky is a just a bit different at every latitude? We didn’t until we saw the ceiling painted to exactly match our own 45th parallel summer sky. Talk about enlightenment.

Question: Does a crystal chandelier look right over a kitchen sink? Answer: Yes

Double Up Can you really fit two dishwashers and two refrigerators into a kitchen remodel? When you have four children, how can you not?

Go Green Energy efficient and beautiful too: Meet LED cabinetry lighting.

Going the Extra Inch Discover the ease of full access, frameless cabinets—and find out how they are as comfortably traditional as they are modern.

Baffled Yes, there is a better hood filter than that hard-to-clean, greasy mesh gizmo. Introducing an easy-to-clean baffled hood filter that requires less cleaning.

History Lesson A detailed lesson in ancient Roman-styled egg-and-dart molding spans the space above a Viking range.

Old is New A new kitchen in an 1880’s farmhouse blends in seamlessly—spanking-new appliances and all.

Man-Sized Counter The guy who cooks in this house ordered up a 10-foot-long prep counter that even a woman can love.

It’s About the Legs See a kitchen design that began with the island’s custom carved legs, then went up, down and around from there.

Color Coordinated Cream cabinets set off the Kennebunkport green island that is painted to match the Kennebunkport green walls. The tile backsplash pulls it all together. You know there’s a certified kitchen designer behind a feat like that.