Traverse Magazine is known for gorgeous photography, incredible articles and a fond love of all things Northern Michigan. local. But this year, as we turned 30, we wanted to show just how much we love our readers! With three amazing prize packages, we set out to find three lucky readers who would win the chances of a lifetime. Here are our winners, and may we just say; Congratulations Big 3-Ohers! Thanks for reading!

Winners! Family Vacation Package

The first package offered was the Family Vacation Package, which included a $300 gift certificate to the delicious Stafford’s of Petoskey; eight rounds of Put Put golf at Pirate’s Cove as well as other Pirate loot, a five night stay at Shanty Creek of Bellaire and a box filled with MyNorth goodies including mugs, t-shirts, and a copy of the gorgeous Reflections of a Life Up North. The winner of the Family Package was Dianna Banka of Ann Arbor.     Dianna was born in Houghton Lake, and has lived in Michigan her whole life. She and her family love the outdoors and spend quite a bit of time enjoying camping and taking in Northern Michigan scenery. DianaBanka entered the Big 3-Oh Contest only once to win this exciting Family Package.

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Winners! Patio Makeover Package   

For those more interested in home renovation than vacation, Traverse Magazine offered a Patio Makeoever Package that included a $2,000 gift certificate to Labadies Summer Casuals of Frankfort, a $500 gift certificate to Crystal Downs Gardens for stunning landscaping, a $500 Dwelement e-décor plan, a package of goodies from Traverse Magazine including t-shirts, mugs, plus books and a delightful gift basket filled with barbeque tools and supplies from Benjamin Twiggs of Traverse City.

The winner of this exciting package was Hank Huder of Traverse City. Hank has lived in Michigan for 7 years, and enjoys vacationing in Torch Lake. He, like Dianna B.Banka, entered the contest only once!

Winners! Spa Getaway Package

The third package in the Big 3-Oh contest was a Spa Getaway Package. This luxurious package included a $200 gift certificate to Stafford’s restaurant; a Pirate’s Cove package with t-shirts and pirate tokens, a $560.50 gift certificate to Solace Spa and a bundle of treats from Traverse Magazine including t-shirts, mugs, Vacation Guides and the stunning Reflections of a Life Up North.

The winner of the Spa Package was Dani P. of Lansing. Dani has lived in Michigan her entire life, and loves going to the lake and the changing of the four seasons. She entered the contest everyday for 30 days! 

Winners Talk About Their Love of Northern Michigan

The winners of the Big 3-Oh contest come from different backgrounds and parts of the state; however all can agree that Michigan was a part of their childhood. All three grew up spending time in various parts of Michigan, whether it was vacationing in Torch Lake, living in Houghton Lake or making a life in Lansing, all three can attest to the beauty of Michigan.

“Most of my family lives in Michigan and I think it’s a beautiful state,” says Dianna of the Family Vacation Package.

As adults each still loves Michigan for the seasons, lakes, beaches and closeness of family.

“I was born and raised here and my family is here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else,” says Dani winner of the Spa Package.

Friends and Family: Excited!

Each winner shared with us who they told first, and their families reaction to their winning. Hank, who only entered once, chose to tell a neighbor who had entered everyday, right away!

“My family couldn’t believe I had won!” says Hank, “I never win anything!”

Dianna the winner of the Family Vacation Package was at a pool in Ann Arbor when she heard the news.

“I recalled entering the contest, but at first I thought it might be a scam! I didn’t think I could have actually won!” she says.

Dani, the Spa Getaway winner says that she was “in shock for awhile” before telling her husband the good news.

All of their families were excited and surprised to hear about their winnings. Hank immediately got to work revamping his backyard, and Dianna’s family has started to plan their Family Vacation for next summer.

Traverse Magazine Makes Up North Fun

The Big 3-Oh contest was a celebration in honor of Traverse Magazine’s 30 year in business. For the three winners, who are readers of the magazine, the contest was an exciting chance to visit the Northern Michigan they had read about in its pages.

The winners are users of the MyNorth Media website, which is a vast resource for those planning to come up north. The website features videos, recipes for delicious food, a list of amazing restaurants, list of upcoming events, articles on local bike trails, rivers, activities in Northern Michigan and much, much more! 

 “Because Traverse Magazine has checked out places first, your articles make people want to check them out for themselves. They are always very helpful and interesting,” says Dani Peterson.

Inspired Vacations, Makeovers and Prizes

Traverse Magazine is committed to making the Up North lifestyle dream become an actuality for those living in Michigan and those who would love to move here. Throughout its 30th year, the magazine continues to offer unique prize packages that inspire Michiganders to shop locally and drink in the beauty around them.

Be sure to check out for upcoming contests, drawings and prizes so that you, like our Big 3-Oh winners can have the vacation or makeover of a lifetime while enjoying the wonderful beauty around us! Also, watch for articles in Traverse Magazine for ideas to help plan your next trip Up North!

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