Kids Up North: Learn to be a Northern Michigan Birder

As summer winds down many Northern Michigan birds start flying south for the winter. Two of the birds shown here fly south and one bird stays in Northern Michigan all year long. If you have a bird feeder, you have probably seen all three of them. Do you know which birds leave for warmer weather and which bird stays all winter? Read the answers below and click on the Baltimore Oriole link to download a picture that you can color with crayons or markers.

The Birds

Rose Breasted Grosbeak: This bird heads south in September and early October and returns to the North before mid-May. The fat beak on this bird proves it’s mostly a seed eater—a big, strong beak for breaking seeds. But the Rose Breasted Grosbeak also eats fruits.

Chickadee: This beautiful little bird stays in the North all year. In winter, Chicadees survive by eating seeds and probe trees for the larva of insects.

Baltimore Orioles: This orange and black bird with the marvelous watery song heads south by Labor Day and returns in early May. It eats mostly fruit during its winters in Central America and northern South America, but up here Orioles also eat a lot of insects.

Cool Bird Fact

Pound for pound, insects have four times the protein of beef. That’s why migrating birds eat so many bugs, to store up fat for their long flights and to give insects to their babies to help them grow fast and healthy.

Become a Junior Birder!

Junior birders of Northern Michigan is proud to announce their second year as a club!  WE ARE ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS FOR THE 2010-2011 YEAR.  Our purpose is to encourage young people to spend time outdoors while learning to identify birds and their habitats.  Additionally, we want our members to explore northern Michigan’s diverse landscapes and to foster in them an interest in the natural history.

We encourage family participation and our program is geared toward children ages 8-14 but, we welcome all children.We meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 10am – 12pm
We go to some of the best birding spots in northern Michigan.
We have fun while learning to identify birds by sight and song.We also learn about migration, ecology and conservation.

Annual Membership FEE:  $25.00 FOR THE FIRST CHILD AND $15.00 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL CHILD IN THE SAME FAMILY.  Parents are free, but responsible for transportation.  For more information and to pre-register call 231-348-9700 or visit our website SEE North operates in the Petoskey-Harbor Springs area.

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