The outer islands around Beaver Island are filled with beauty and intrigue, including Garden Island and High Island. But how to get out to them? Here are four ways you can set yourself up for a Lake Michigan island adventure.

1. Boat owners might want dock a night or two at the Beaver Island Marina before trekking to the outer islands. Ask locals for insider knowledge, grab some maps, and stock up on (serious) bug spray. 231-448-2300,

2. Those who want to paddle their way to Garden or High lean on the man locals call “Kayak Ken.” Ken Bruland, owner of the Inland Seas School of Kayaking, can tailor full-day or overnight guided trips to meet your needs. Added bonuses include honing your paddling skills, meals, and knowing you are part of a low-impact tour. 231-448-2221,

3. Bring your own kayak on the Beaver Island ferry for $44 round trip (plus your fare). Savvy about open water crossings required—is about 1.5 miles from Beaver to Garden and nearly 4 miles from Beaver to High. 888-446-4095,

4. If you’d rather save your arm muscles for mosquito swatting, power on over to Garden or High with Paradise Bay Dive Shop’s charter adventures. Hop on board the 30-foot Baha Cruiser, The Resolute, and enjoy island excursions of your choice. 231-448-3195,