Doug Stanton's Op Ed in The New York Times

When bestselling author (Horse Soldiers and In Harm’s Way) writes, people read—and listen. So thank you, Doug, from all of us who love Michigan and its Great Lake coastline, for putting the spotlight on the Kalamazoo River oil spill in an Op Ed "What the River Dragged In?" running in The New York Times today. Like NYT readers across the country, it made us stop for a moment of reflection about the importance one of the greatest freshwater reserves on the planet.

Opening paragraph:

IT’S strange having your own oil spill.

What we have, of course, is a blip compared to the one in the Gulf of Mexico, which this week formally broke all records for offshore spills. But after watching the gulf catastrophe unfold from afar, the news that oil was gushing from a pipeline just three hours south of here into a small creek that flows into the Kalamazoo River and, eventually, into Lake Michigan, came as a surprise. Click to read the entire Doug Stanton’s Op Ed.