All law-abiding and loyal citizens are urged to be vigilant and alert to the presence on our coast of the weatherly, fast, and heavily armed Clipper Schooner Lynx! The 122 foot square top sail schooner Lynx will be sailing into Charlevoix Harbor on Thursday, September 2nd at 3pm.

Join the flotilla as she fires a salute from her main battery of 6-pounder carronades upon her grand entrance to the Charlevoix Harbor. The 114 ton Lynx is an interpretation of a privateer or naval schooner from the War of 1812. She is fitted with period ordnance and flies pennants and flags from the 1812 era making her one of the first ships to defend our freedom.

The Privateer Lynx was hired to train the cast and crew of the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The Privateer Lynx will be offering Public Dockside Tours and Sailing Adventures September 3-4, 2010. Climb aboard and take a step back in time as you relive the history and feel the adventure! Join the crew and hoist the sails, steer the ship, fire the main battery of 6-pounder carronades and experience first-hand life aboard a traditional, square topsail schooner. For additional information or to make reservations, please call 866.446.5969 or visit

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Photo(s) by J. Dennis Robinson and Philip Case Cohen