The 2010 Traverse City Film Festival has been in full swing all week and the MyNorth team has been covering it in every way possible. From how well the shuttles are working (very well), to the juries, panels, films and even a very funny take on a night at the Top of the Park. Be sure you get the inside flavor of the Traverse City Film Festival.

Traverse City Film Festival: Cuban Filmmakers Panel Discussion with Michael Moore

The Traverse City Film Festival’s Friday morning panel discussion brought together Michael Moore and four Cuban filmmakers in a wide ranging two-hour dialog that touched upon such hot button issues as U.S. prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, a CIA airplane bombing that killed the father of one of the panelists (Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti, pictured), the evolution of gay rights in Cuba, film censorship in Cuba versus film censorship in the United States and, of course, how to pay for film production. So, yes, a fine and provocative panel discussion. Continued…

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"Cane Toads" Hits It Out of the Park At the Traverse City Film Festival

Today marked Clark Bunting’s 25th anniversary with Discovery Channel. A quarter of a century after Bunting, Michigan born and MSU educated, walked into the Education Cable Network—now the Discovery Network—in 1985, Bunting is president of Discovery Channel. The anniversary coincided with a sold out showing of Cane Toads…Continued…

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Traverse City Film Festival: Trotsky and Trois French Films — Fiction Jury Invades Paris

Scheduling conflict, so I end up watching The Trotsky at Jim’s office, eating yummy take-in lunch from Mary’s Kitchen Port.Then it’s The Concert at Lars Hockstad with…Continued….

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Friday at the Sixth Annual Traverse City Film Festival: Where do people go to burn the Midnight Oil?

Ever since Michael Moore launched the first Traverse City Film Festival six years ago, I have wondered: where do the filmmakers and film lovers from all over the world go to play late at night in Traverse City, after all the movies and interviews and obligatory social events are over? I found out tonight: for many of them, especially filmmakers from out of town, it’s the Park Place Hotel, on the Tenth Floor. Continued….

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Traverse City Film Festival: Where’s The Throbbing Angst In Short Fiction?

There is no question that the short shorts exhibited at Thursday night’s presentation of Short Fiction 1 are “just great films”. All selections revolved around the theme of relationships and, as such, even the comedies tended to be more serene in tone compared to many short shorts on the circuit. Continued….

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Find the complete schedule for the Traverse City Film Festival, film descriptions, special film events and more on the MyNorth Film page.