This National Cherry Festival event will feature a superb collection of over 100 local, domestic and international wines selected by Master Sommelier Ron Edwards of Charlevoix, Michigan, as well as 12 artisan beers.

Complementing the collection of wines, a feature selection of imported cheeses, cured meats, and other authentic foods saluting major grape growing regions of the world. Food will be in $3.00 portion sizes.

Your $10 entry fee buys you an Andrea Robinson (Master Sommelier) designed wine glass – The One – and your first glass of wine hailing from Greece, Italy, or another special theme. The One is thought by many experts to be the world’s perfect wine glass so every wine you taste in the Pavilion and later at home will be perfectly presented. Once inside, you’ll find an elegant courtyard setting with white-linen-draped wine stations hosted by some of nation’s top wine importers. Nearly 40 different grape varieties will be represented from familiar and obscure regions all over the world.

Wines will be available in 2.5 ounce and 5 ounce pours in prices ranging from $3 to $30. As a rule, you can expect at least 50 wines to be priced at $3 per 2.5 ounce pour. Indeed, the Global Wine Pavilion is designed for wine lovers both budget conscious and adventurous.

Global Wine admission tickets are available online and will also be available at the event.

Purchase tickets online.

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