The Complete Line-Up for Michael Moore's 2010 Traverse City Film Festival

Special Screenings

Reel Injun
2009 | Canada | NR | 85 min.

Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond takes us on a funny, fascinating trip through a century of Hollywood cinema to record and reflect on depictions of native people in film. Approaching the search with a playfully raised eyebrow, Diamond’s journey through a library of over four thousand films dealing with Native people and culture never rails against the fact that virtually all of them got it wrong. Instead, he captures celebrated Native and non-Native directors, writers, actors and activists, including Adam Beach, Chris Eyre, Clint Eastwood, Sacheen Littlefeather and Russell Means, looking at howthe myth of “the Injun” has influenced the world’s understanding, and misunderstanding, of Natives, and how the struggle to shape their own image continues. In Person: Director Neil Diamond, Chris Eyre

Showtime: Sunday, August 1, 2010, 9 am, State Theatre    Buy Tickets Now!

Jeff Garlin’s Gems: Dodsworth
1936 | USA | NR | 101 min.

The second installment in Jeff Garlin’s (co-founder, Traverse City Comedy Festival) annual TCFF classic film series is William Wyler’s masterful portrait of a marriage in collapse. Walter Houston’s much younger wife, bored with married life, convinces him to sell his interest in the Revelation Motor Company and move away to Europe. As Houston tries to figure out what to do with the second half of his life, he makes mistakes, but figures it out. Sadly, his wife may not. Wyler makes no misteps in this perfectly realized and rarely seen dramatic gem. In Person: Jeff Garlin

Showtime: Sunday, August 1, 2010, noon, City Opera House    Buy Tickets Now!

The Last Command (with the Alloy Orchestra)
1928 | USA | NR | 88 min.

We are proud to introduce the world famous Alloy Orchestra accompanying one of the greatest pictures of the silent area, Josef von Sternberg’s “The Last Command.” A down and out former Czarist general (Emil Jannings in a towering performance that earned him the first ever Best Actor Oscar) finds a small role in a Hollywood film, directed by a man he once imprisoned (William Powell, “The Thin Man”)! Purported to be based on a real life story as told by Ernst Lubitsch, this satire on the studio system, combined with von Sternberg’s stylized genius and a great performance by Jannings, is as sublime as the original film score by the Alloy Orchestra. “The Alloy Orchestra is the best in the world at accompanying silent films.”- Roger Ebert

Showtime: Sunday, August 1, 2010, noon, State Theatre    Buy Tickets Now!

The Beatles at the Movies (A 40th Anniversary)

Nowhere Boy
2009 | UK | R | 98 min.

Director Sam Taylor Wood’s portrait of the artist as a smart, talented, but directionless young man who steals records and skips school in 1955 Liverpool provides a fascinating fictional look at John Lennon’s early path from boy to man to legend. Powerful performances from BAFTA nominated actresses Kristin Scott Thomas and Anne-Marie Duff, who play the auntwho raised him and the estranged mother who fought for his attention in his teen years, bring to life a crucial part of the journey that led to the creation of the greatest rock band of all time. From meeting a young Paul McCartney and starting up The Quarrymen as a refuge from his painful past, to falling in love for the first time, “Nowhere Boy” avoids the pitfalls of biopic nostalgia to reveal the emotional and musical birth of a legend.

Showtime: Tuesday, July 27, 2010, Opening Night, 6:30 pm, City Opera House    Buy Tickets Now!

A Hard Day’s Night
1964 | UK | NR | 87 min.

In this great mock doc, one of the funniest and best musical films ever made, The Beatles — the world’s most famous rock and roll band — travel from their home town of Liverpool to London to perform in a television broadcast. Along the way they rescue Paul’s unconventional grandfather from various misadventures, and they must find Ringo, who goes missingjust before the concert. “Can’t Buy Me Love” is just one of the greats we’ll hear when we bring this rare print to TC to celebrate the lads from Liverpool who changed the face of music and the world for the better, forever.

Showtime: Friday, July 30, 2010, 6 pm, Old Town Playhouse   Buy Tickets Now!

1965 | UK | NR | 90 min.

“Help!” is on the way. The Beatles’ second film is a madcap romp through the Austrian Alps with Fiendish Thingys and everybody’s favorite mop topped foursome. Inspired by the Marx Brothers’ “Duck Soup” and taking off James Bond films, the premise involves a mysterious cult that discovers their sacrificial ring is stuck on the finger of the one and only Ringo Starr! Will Ringo get away or will he be forced to be the next sacrifice to the goddess Kaili? Sing along with 11 Beatles greats including “Ticket to Ride,” and celebrate the zany greatness that is The Beatles.

Showtime: Thursday, July 29, 2010, Dusk, Open Space

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